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We are a private online academy that promotes lifelong holistic learning techniques. Essentially, we teach The English Language to Foreigners and offer Personal & Professional Development Sessions to Individuals & Companies.

Our unique teaching systems lead to a heightened awareness and our specific coaching methods lead to an increased self-confidence. Through a focus on dedication and hard work we will show you how applied knowledge can lead to lead you along the path to true wisdom.

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What is Language Therapy?

The Academy of Language Therapy & Life Coaching

We have always provided specially focussed courses where each session is tailored to the individual needs of each client. In addition, we have always offered a mix of recognised classical methods in conjunction with the most modern technology available.

Many established organisations and influential individuals have used our services and with over 15 years experience in the fields of teaching, tutoring, coaching & mentoring we have secured our place on the market as a authority on alternative and progressive personalised education.

We exist to serve.

Personal Transformation is The Aim of Our Motivational Courses

Anything is Possible

We all have within us the tools that we need to turn our imagination into a reality. I transformed myself very slowly, day by day and step by step through understanding that success is built from small things done well.

We all need daily challenges to help us grow. And through employing a teacher, coach, tutor or mentor we can find the guidance that we all need. I have personal experience of all the challenges involved in turning around a life and a business. It may not be an easy process but it is a simple one.

What is stopping you from making your dreams come true?

Put your trust into my organisation and we will pour our wisdom into you.

Graham W. Hendrey

Founder & Director

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