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The Mission

NSA aims to grow day by day and step by step into an accessible, renowned and respected global reference for teaching and coaching which holistically and symbiotically improves business, community and personal development.

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What Can We Do For You?

Over the last 15 years Native Speakers’ Academy has developed an understanding of how knowledge of language alone is a very limited growth skill. In addition, information, by itself, is not enough when we wish to grow. This is because all knowledge must be applied in the real world before we can assess its usefulness.

Our teaching systems lead to learning and our coaching methods lead to confidence. Through this symbiotic process wisdom can be acquired and understanding can develop. Our courses help people to maximise their potential by providing the right kind of environment and support for their personal development.

Have you ever dreamed about achieving excellence in all areas of life? Have you ever wanted to grow your personal and business networks? Are yuo driven by a passion to search for intelligent solutions to make the world a better place? Are you ready to surpass your old goals and set new targets? Then ... NSA courses are for you.

How can it improve your life ?

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The Vision

NSA aims to reach out and improve the quality of life of everyone that the school touches through an approach defined by integrity and passion and a covenant of hard work with a specific focus on mental and physical health and well being.

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''Everything you do is a conscious choice that you make.'' (G)

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